5 Subtle Ways To Tell Your Husband You Desire Him While In Public!

January 24, 2013

Have you ever been at a family or business  gathering  with your husband and had a sudden desire to want to make love to him?  Your having a conversation with a family member or a friend and during the conversation you happen to glance your husband’s  way.  With just a glance he has trigger your passion toward him.  How can you let him know that you desire him without telling the whole room?  I guess the real question is should you tell him, right then, that you desire his touch? Yes, tell him!

In song of Solomon we read of the greatest love story ever.  The love between King Solomon and Queen Sheba.  We learn from her that making love is best during the time you desire it, song of Solomon  2:7Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” So go ahead and make your desire known to your husband!

There are three main reasons you should express your desire to make love to your husband right then.  Most of us have heard the statement that once you get married your sex life dwindles to almost none existence or the passion and excitement is completely gone.  The reason married sex becomes stagnant  is because we stop making it fun.  When we  dated our husbands we couldn’t wait to be alone with them.  We were so excited that without thinking our body took on a mind of its own and started to flirt naturally with our soon to be husbands.

Dating was fun because we worked at making it fun.  Something  as simple as going for a walk  became fun. We can have that same excitement and more with our husbands but we have to work at it.  The three main reasons for telling your husband you want him in public; to build the anticipation of making love, express to him that you are still attracted to him, and most importantly, to hurry him along so you can get home and romance him !

Being able to communicate with your spouse in public without talking is a good habit.  This can also help you become best friends with your spouse, as the two of you create this secret way of communicating with each other.  So how can you communicate to your spouse that you desire  him without telling the whole world?  Here are 5 subtle ways to let your husband know you’re in the mood while out in public:

1. Have A Saying– Something that has another meaning so that no one else will know what you are really saying to each other.  It could be something as simple as ” the kids had a great day today!” It is a positive comment for others to hear meanwhile  your husband will know that you are really saying, you want to have great evening with him!

2. Have A Certain Gesture–  Something as subtle as adjusting your wedding band two times in a row.  The people around you will probably not even notice that you even touched your wedding ring,  meanwhile your husband will have to control is unexpected need to smile.

3. Have A Way That You Look–  a particular way that you smile at him when you are in the mood.  Or you can try doing something that you do not normally do.  For example, if you do not like tucking your hair behind your ear and your husband is aware of this,  let this be your agreed upon way of expressing your desire to him in public.

4. Whisper It In His Ear–  This is fun and intimate.  No one else will know what you said to him all they will know is that it made him smile.  This is wonderful because to others is shows that you two can still make each other smile .  Your husband will appreciate this because he will not have to figure out what you are thinking about at that moment.

5.  Excuse You and Your Spouse From The Event– Make up some reason  why you have to leave.  You do not even have to tell your spouse why you are leaving until you get in the car.  He will appreciate your boldness for excusing  the two of you from the event  and he will be excited by your desire to have him alone.

Challenge:  Do you desire more fun and passion in your marriage?  Try spicing it! The next time you and your husband are out in public let him know that you desire him.  This is a fun way to bring some excitement back into the bedroom. 

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