Christian Marriage Retreats

December 11, 2011

Every Christian married couple could benefit from a Christian marriage retreat.  It provides an opportunity to positively impact any marriage no matter the stage.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Christian Marriage retreats are solely about improving the quality of your marriage.  Bible-based Christian marriage advice is important, but time dedicated to the development of a healthy marital relationship is necessary to accomplish any of it.  Marriage retreats like Family Life give you private couple assignments that create a great environment for discussion of specific topics. You may believe you know everything about your spouse already, but you can never fully know your spouse. There is always something you can learn about your spouse and a Christian marriage retreat allows you to focus on learning who your spouse is at that moment.

Don’t allow people to discourage you from going to a marriage retreat.  Jonathan and I have always been interested in ways to improve our marriage. We began attending marriage seminars as an engaged couple and continue to believe in the value that Christian Marriage retreats provides today . When we got married and went to our first marriage retreat, we loved it! We came home and told everyone about it hoping that it would inspire them to attend as well.

However, we found that people who have never gone to one have a negative view of it.  We received the following questions when we shared our experience with some others.    “What’s wrong with your marriage already?  You guys haven’t even been married long.”  Or people made comments like ” You guys are already having issues?”  I have learned that until people get exposed to anything they are narrow minded about it.

If you wait until you have issues to go to a Christian marriage retreat, it may not feel like much of an actual retreat.  It becomes less about getting to know your spouse and more about fixing the marriage!  A marriage retreat can be used to repair, restore, or encourage a marriage, and I would still encourage you to attend regardless of the season your marriage is in.  Christian marriage retreats are designed to help any married Christian with an open heart and mind.

I just want to encourage you to try it for yourself before you form an opinion!

The first marriage retreat Jonathan and I attended was through Family Life, I would highly recommend going to a Family Life retreat.  They are very effective, organized, and very accommodating for marriages at every level.

They have speakers that everyone can relate to and they assign homework.  I mean everything about their retreat is wonderful.  They offer opportunities for you to speak with your spouse about important topics and even leave time for a marriage date night.  They also offer resources to aide in the further improvement of your Christian marriage through books, games and discounts on other conferences.

Challenge:  Don’t knock it before you try it.  A marriage retreat can be a mini getaway for you and your spouse.  I encourage you to look into a Family Life Christian marriage retreat.  Don’t think about: what season your marriage is in, what other people may think if they find out you were going to one, none of it.  Plan to attend a marriage retreat with an open mind.  Every Christian marriage will find it to be beneficial. 

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