3 Guaranteed Ways To Love Your Husband!

August 31, 2011

“I am my lover’s and my lover is mine; he browses among the lilies.”  Song of Solomon 6:3

How do we romance our husbands within our Christian marriage?   Every man’s definition of being romanced is different just like every woman.   There is no one way that will knock the socks off your husband like you.  I cannot tell you exactly what steps to take to romance your husband, you know him better than anyone else.  However, in general, men have three areas that stimulate them.

1.  Men are visual beings, so stimulate his sight.  Do something that you do not normally do or that you have not done in a while. The littlest thing can send them over the top.  If you feel sexy, your behavior will be alluring to him.  Mentally prepare yourself to romance him.  Once you are in the right mind set, your actions will come naturally.

    • Make watching a movie at home more interesting.  You can even wear comfy clothes, the key to making movie night interesting is in what you do.  So wear a comfy t-shirt but ditch your bra, and add a little bounce in your step when you get up to go to the kitchen, bathroom, or for any reason. To you it may be a minor change, but that will more than likely make it hard for him to concentrate on the movie.

  • Take your time while you are getting dressed in the morning.  Allow him to see you doing your morning routine:   Putting on your lotion, your bra and panties, hair and makeup, and finally your outfit.  Pick out what you are going to wear after you get out of the shower. You may already have an outfit in mind, but he does not have to know that.  Take your time in the closet and act as if you are not sure what to wear. Bring two outfits out and hold them up and ask him which one he prefers.  He probably will not care about the clothes, his mind will be preoccupied with staring at your bra and panties!
  • You can even try something more obvious, buy a new piece of lingerie.
  • Put on a sexy pair of undies and allow a small piece of it to “accidently” be revealed when you get up to give the kids another round of food.

2. Accomplishments– Men don’t fall in love with a women because of how they feel about her, they fall in love with a women because of how she makes them feel about themselves.  The whole purpose for God creating men, he needed someone to tend the land (Genesis 1:26)  God wanted the men to work and reap the rewards of it.  How can you stroke this side of your husband:

  • Help him complete a task that he has been working on (for example, if he has just completed filling out an important document, you can deliver it or mail it for him.  This will let him know that the two of you are a team.
  • Bathe him in words of approval and acceptance.
  • Do not question his decision making in front of others.

3.  Sex- Initiate intimacy more. He wants to feel desired.  If he always initiate the love making, he may feel like you do not enjoy it as much as he does.  Let him know that you desire him too.

  • Be Eager- tell him that you have been thinking about him all day.
  • Send him a text message during the day, and ask him if the two of you can make love that evening. If you send him this message, you must follow through with it.  If you do not keep your word, he will not believe you the next time you send him a text.
  • Be open to trying something new in the bedroom.

Challenge: Try romancing your husband one day this week by stimulating his sight, ego, and/or sex drive.

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