Romance Him

August 22, 2011

Why are Christian marriages ending just as quickly as the world’s marriages?  I believe one reason is due to the fact that we have stop studying our spouses.  We have gotten to a point where we are comfortable with each other.  We have decided that there is nothing else we could learn about them.

“I am my lover’s and my lover is mine;”  Song of Solomon  6:3

Below I would like to offer some techniques that may rekindle the flame or sustain the burning fire within the two of you.

1. Impress him– Try to mimic the same behavior that you bestowed on your first date with him.  I don’t want you to feel as if you can’t or should never relax around your husband, I just want you to be more cautious of your behavior. For example, if you were on your first date, you wouldn’t pick your nose while the two of you are having a conversation, chances are, you would use a Kleenex. You also wouldn’t pass gas in front of him, more than likely you would excuse yourself and go to another room. Needing to blow your nose and pass gas are bodily functions that everyone will need to do at some point or another, however you do not need to do it in front of him.

2. Take care of yourself– However you took care of yourself before the two of you were married, continue to do so, now that you are married. Men are visual beings, so he was attracted to you physically for some reason. Yes, he has taken a vow to love you until death due you part. However, you do not have to make it hard for him to keep his vows.  Women tend to get comfortable in their marriage and let themselves go, physically. I’m not saying that you should lose a ton of weight, I’m simply suggesting that you try to maintain a reasonable size.

3. Get a Life– Spending time together is great, it will definitely bring the two of you closer together.  However, so does being apart from each other.  I’m sure you have heard of the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, this is a true statement.  So periodically take time out for just you, go out with the girls, go get a manicure, pedicure, whatever you are in to. Think of all the fun you can have with him when you come back home. He will be curious about where you went or what you did. Now you can re-live the fun you had by telling him what you did, meanwhile he will be learning more about you.

4. Try new things – Aim for doing something different once a month. It can be anything, try a new food, change your hair style, wear make-up, don’t wear make-up, buy an outfit you wouldn’t normal wear, wear flats, wears heels. The point is to do something that is “Out of character”. My husband knows that I love to be spontaneous, (actually I’m probably a little too spontaneous) but he doesn’t bring anyone home without talking to me first, why? In his own words “I know what kind of woman I have on my hands!” And that’s how I like it, he never knows what I’m going to do, in regards to romancing him.

Challenge:  Decide that your husband is worth your attention.  Make an effort to learn something new about him each day.  A great way to learn something new about your husband, is to do something different yourself.   In your Christian marriage, when you change your behavior this will spark a response from him.

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