Bishop T.D. Jakes: When Natural Things Are Difficult

August 27, 2011

I am so excited to share this inspirational video clip with you today.  I believe you will be blessed with some information worth reflecting on!

Here are some powerful insights presented in this Christian Marriage video clip:

-There is more to keeping a thing than obtaining it.  Getting married was the easy part, but maintaining it is the work!

-Until we apply our faith at home, we will not experience the peace that God has for us.

-Even the nicest person brings baggage and luggage into the marriage, but we all have to decide to throw out the “stuff” that can destroy our marriages

Forgiveness is a decision, but Trust is a process . It takes time to rebuild trust in our Christian marriages!  Be patient.

Challenge: Choose just one of these insightful comments as a conversation starter with your spouse today!  Share what you remember from this short video and see where the discussion leads in your Christian marriage.

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