Christian Movie Review: “Fireproof”

September 21, 2011

The Christian movie Fireproof was an inspiration!  If you read the synopsis on the back of the movie, you were not even expecting this to be a spiritual based film.

This movie influenced a lot of marriages and individuals.  The soft approach of marketing the Christian aspect of this movie can definitely blindside many people.  I don’t believe most people who rented this movie understood the Christian values that it possessed  until after they rented it and got home to watch it. Within the first 10 minutes, you are aware that this is clearly a Christian movie.  However, this movie illustrates some common mistakes we all have made or are making in our marriages.  So even if you are not a Christian, you can still relate to the characters.

In this Christian movie, a young married couple struggles to become one.  This young couple make three major mistakes in their marriage.  Each one is fairly common to us all.  Are you making the same mistakes in your marriage right now?

1.  Priorities are not in the proper order.  They have not made Jesus Lord of their life.  If God is not leading your marriage, it is only a matter of time before your marriage will crumble.  In this Christian movie, Kirk is a young man who knows of  Jesus Christ, however, he has not asked the Lord to lead him or his marriage.  As a result of not having his priorities right, his marriage is left up to chance.  If we want our marriage to live out the vows we have taken, we must have our priorities right.  God desires to be first in our lives.  Set time aside each day for the Lord.  During this time you can pray, read the bible, or sing songs to the Lord.

2.  Not dependent on the marriage. Within the first five minutes of the movie, we are aware that this young couple is headed for a divorce if they do not change something soon.  They are clearly unhappy in their marriage.  In this film, Kirk and his wife seek happiness outside their marriage.  He had become addicted to pornography and she had begun an emotional affair.   Where does your happiness lie?

3. Too busy to have a happy marriage. The couple, in this movie, have different work schedules that rarely allow them to spend time with one another.  The only time this couple would see each other was “in passing.”  Their work schedules were completely opposite.  Kirk was a fireman who worked odd hours and his wife worked normal business hours at the hospital.  There is no way you can have a happy marriage unless you make time for one another.  If you and your spouse work different shifts than you simply have to get organized.  Select a day each week that the two of you will set aside time for your marriage.  Make it official and write it on the calendar.

Is your marriage on track to fulfilling the vows you have taken?

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