Christian Movie Review “Courageous”

August 2, 2012

The Christian movieCourageous” was amazing.  My husband and I enjoyed this movie so much that we watched it twice within a week .  The second time we watched this movie we wanted to share it with our loved ones, so we took the movie to my father-in-law’s house.  It just so happened that my sister-in-law and her family were there also.  We all sat down and watched Courageous from beginning to end.  I am told that my father-in-law does not usually watch movies so it was a big deal that he sat there the whole time.  When the movie was over he commented that this was a good movie.

This movie was great.  I especially enjoyed how nicely it was put together.  I have seen Christian movies that look like a low budget film as if someone was using their home video camera to film it, but this is a quality Christian movie.  The producer definitely put a good amount of money into making this film terrific.  The quality of this movie is how every Christian movie should be because we serve a God that has “a thousand cattle on a hill” (Psalms 50:10.)  This movie was about a policeman and his desire to be the best husband and father for his family.

He wanted his family to be different from how he was raised.  He realized the only way it would be different is if he did things differently than his family.  His courage to stand up for his family sparked a desire in his fellow police officer, they also wanted to have a better family life.  They decide to spend more time reading God’s word, praying, and they even wrote down there goals and had them framed.  Each one of them had their goals framed and hung it in their house, so they would have a constant reminder of what they are striving toward.  It was exciting to see the men in this movie take charge of their home.

My husband  and my brother-in-law was inspired by one of the father’s desire to help his daughter.  The daughter was a teenager and she was ready to date but she was interested in a guy that was involved in with bad things and people.  The father decided to take his daughter out to dinner and treat her like a princess.  He wanted to show her how a boy should treat her when he takes her out on a date.  Their evening out had me in tears and my husband, glued to the television and vowing he will do the same with our daughter.

I enjoyed this movie so much.  If your Christian marriage isn’t going the way you expected , this movie could be the beginning of a new marriage and family for you.  I would highly recommend renting or buying this movie and watching with the entire ChristianMarriageHQ community.  This movie is bound to create a family night experience that you will never forget!

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