Christian Submission: Preaching Of Bishop T.D. Jakes

August 9, 2011

Here’s a great YouTube video where Bishop T.D. Jakes offers some biblical insight on christian submission worth hearing.   His preaching is based on the passage of Scripture referenced for this earlier post. I believe it is worth sharing with you and your Christian marriage! His presentation style even offers a little laughter as well.  Enjoy!

Some key points worth highlighting:

If you are not a Christian, the topic of christian submission has nothing to do with you!  We must accept God into your hearts in order to operate under biblical submission.

What the Bible has to say applies to BELIEVERS ONLY!  So why does the world have so much to say anyway?

You are not helpless as a woman, God has given you the opportunity to choose the man to which you will have to submit.

He will be there for you and continue to be your ultimate source of protection.  Trust God!

In the Christian Marriage, men have a role to fulfill as well.  We must die to SELF!

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