Every Christian Marriage Has A Story

July 23, 2012

In a previous post, I told you a little about a movie called ” Marriage Retreat.”  The movie was based on three Christian marriages in need of help.  Well, this past week I was able to watch a real life movie of three of the actors from the movie “Marriage Retreat.”  Three of the men that were in that movie gave a testimony about their life as a Christian. The name of the movie is “Run On…. A Prodigal Journey”  While I was watching this movie the Lord reminded me of this scripture verse found in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

The three men spoke of topics such as:

  • Growing up in a Christian household and the feeling of feeling like you are missing out
  •  Wanting a divorce but God will not allow it, spiritually (the bible is clear on God’s feelings about Divorce, Remarriage and Affairs)  and physically (going through the process of divorce and finding it difficult to finalize it and then, God actually said I do not want you to get a divorce)
  • The result of being a child of divorce parents and the effects it has on you and your emotions


I can relate to two of the testimonies but mainly the one about the divorce parents.  It’s interesting that when a man and a women get married they are making the decision, but their decision affects all of those connected to them.  Their decision to have children affects the family, especially if they are depending on their family to watch their children from time to time.  If the couple decides to get a divorce the children are affected as they watch their family be torn apart.  There is no way to get around how much our actions affects those closest to us.

My parents separated when I was between the age of two or three.  I still remember the exact moment my family was divided. My mother decided to leave our family.  My father, my brother, my sister and I followed my mom to the bus stop.  In my mind I can still see and hear my father pleading with my mom not to leave us. My mother got on the bus, my father put his hand out to reach for her and the bus driver closed the door on his arm and started to drive.

My father’s arm stuck in the door, my brother who is six years older than me was laying flat on the ground kicking his arms and feet, my sister ( a quiet girl by nature) stood there staring in disbelief and me.  I was watching the hurt in my father’s eyes and his body as he was being pulled by the bus .  The bus driver finally opened the door to release my father’s arm.

My father did his best to raise us by himself.  He was and is a strong black man who loved us enough to develop a close relationship with Jesus.  He put his hope and faith in God’s hands as he sought him for the guidance he would need to raise us. My father did his best to adhere to Proverbs 22:6 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”  He cannot be held responsible for the choices his children have made whether good or bad,  in the end we are all left to make our own choices.

My mother’s choice to leave affected who I am today.  I love my mother even though she was in and out of my life for most of my childhood. The inconsistence that I had with my mother for years had me on a roller coaster ride, happy and then sad.  By the time I had entered junior high I had built a wall around my heart.  I could still love but I couldn’t get hurt. I clearly didn’t know the truth about love as we discovered here.  It took a few years of our marriage until the wall was shattered and my heart was finally given to my husband.

The movie “Run on.. A Prodigal Journey” will encouraged our walk in Christ as we are reminded of different life experience we are faced with and understanding that if they have gone through it and they made it, we will make it too.

ChristianMarriageHQ Challenge:  Do you need encouragement?  Watch the movie ” Run on… A Prodigal Journey

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