How To Be A Christian!

November 6, 2015

How To Be A ChristianThere have been a few things I have found to be difficult to do in my life. When Jonathan and I were dating, I had to learn how to communicate with him. I remember the first time I hung up the phone on him during the middle of a disagreement, that was an experience I will never forget. He called me back right away which I did not expect. When I answered the phone I was expecting him to yell and be upset, but he was calm. Jonathan said something similar to this, “ Nikki, if we’re going to have a great relationship, we’re going to have to learn to communicate with one another.” After that I immediately starting working on my communication skills. God knows exactly how to join two people together. He joins two people who are strong where the other is weak.

The areas that bother you about your spouse bother you for one or two reasons.

First, you are probably stronger in that area and should be leading your spouse. Jonathan’s strength is knowing how to communicate well with others. I’m sure he was frustrated with me but he chose to lead me instead. Secondly, maybe you are weak in that area and you need to strengthen it, like I had to do with communicating. Jonathan’s calmness shocked and bothered me at the same time. My first thought was, why isn’t he yelling at me. His personality has often saved me from reacting to other people’s foolishness. It has and still is a blessing to me to have him as my husband.

He has helped me learn to communicate with him. We tell each other everything, even things that are difficult to mention. When Jonathan and I started our family we experience a difficult situation. We had to do an emergency c-section with our first child, Julia. Once we had her via c-section the doctors said we had to do a c-section for the rest of our children. So, all three of our children were born by c-section. The pain afterwards was unbelievable. I didn’t realize how much we use our stomach muscles. Simple task like walking up the stairs, driving home on a bumpy street, or sitting down was met with a lot of pain.

Have you heard the saying “ Mother’s forget the pain of labor once they see their baby.” Well, that is a lie! It has been almost 9 years since we had our first child and I still remember the pain I felt after she was born. It was difficult physically but it brought Jonathan and me closer as he had to help me. There have been a few things I have found to be difficult but the most challenging of them all has been learning How To Be A Christian.

This is something I know I must learn how to do. The last year or so God has been working with me in this area. He has given me multiple opportunity to demonstrate How To Be A Christian and I have failed miserably. I have not fully turned my will over to His will, but I want too. Recently I handle something my way instead of glorifying God and showing others How To Be A Christian. Ironically, I am currently teaching my children about how to deal with conflict. I am using the book “ The Young Peacemakers” by Corlettte Sande. And sadly enough I reacted the way they were intending for me to react. So, not only did I not glorify God but I knowingly gave them the reaction they wanted. Well I have decided to learn How To Be A Christian.

I looked up a scripture verse that I intend to meditate on. It comes from Romans 8:8, “and those who are in the flesh [living a life that caters to sinful appetites and impulses] cannot please God. I know it will take some time but just like learning to communicate and recovering from a c-section, I will get better over time. Challenge: Think of an area you are weak in. Find a scripture that corresponds to your verse and meditate on it.

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