Movie Review for “War Room”

March 16, 2016

Movie Review: "War Room"A few months ago the pastor of the church we attend decided to have a movie night. The pastor invited everyone to go to the movies to see “War Room.” We were not able to make it. I don’t remember why we didn’t go, maybe our children had sports or maybe we just wanted to relax at home that day, I’m not really sure. Well about a month ago or so, Jonathan and I selected a movie from Red Box, it was “War Room.”

This movie is very powerful. We need more movies like this one. The kind of movie that makes you a better person when you are done watching it. Sadly, most movies are just space fillers, but not this one! I am extremely happy that we watched this movie at home with just each other. The “War Room” is the kind of movie that forces you to meditate on the way you operate your own life and challenges you to change. I do not want to go into too much detail about the movie for fear of taking away the impact the movie can have on your life. However I will give you one example from the movie that woke me up spiritually.

A young lady was having a conversation with an older lady about her relationship with Jesus Christ. The woman described her relationship with God in terms of temperature, hot being on fire for God and cold being no relationship with God at all. The young lady said,” I’m not hot, but I wouldn’t say I’m cold either.” Shortly after this statement, the older lady served the younger lady a cup of coffee. The young lady was startled because the coffee was room temperature. She immediately asked the older lady if she liked drinking her coffee at room temperature. The more mature women responded by saying, “ No, my coffee is hot!” The mature women was proving a point that having a luke warm relationship with God is as disappointing to him as room temperature coffee was to her.

This example seems simple but it spoke volumes to me. I need to have a stronger relationship with God. Immediately after that illustration a scripture verse from Revelation (3:16 ) came to me.

So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

This movie gave me a visual of how God must feel toward us when we do not strengthen our relationship with him. The young lady didn’t even want to drink the coffee because it was not hot. I can only imagine how God must feel about Christian who are luke warm toward him. War Room is a world changing kind of movie.

WWW.CHRISTIANMARRIAGEHQ.COM Challenge: Watch the movie “War Room.” In order to maximize everything you can take away from this movie, plan to watch it with few people. I recommend only watching with your immediate family. It is thought provoking and spiritually enlighten.

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