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I learned a lot about marriage through this book.  This book gave me encouragement at a time when the romance in my marriage was fading.  I learned that there are different seasons of marriage that everyone will go through.  I also learned that I needed to reevaluate my priorities if my marriage was going to be rekindled, the kids are not supposed to come before my husband.



I absolutely love this book!  This book helped me to accept my need for affirmation. My husband would often joke about my need to hear compliments from him.  However, after reading this book we have a deeper understand of what we both need to feel loved.  My husband was thankful that he didn’t have to read the book to feel included with the knowledge I had gained through reading it.  All he had to do was complete  the questionnaire at the end of the book to find out what he needs to feel loved.


At first this book can be a little intimidating because it is full of practical advice.  This is not the type of book that is an easy read, at least not for me. I needed to read the first few chapters over a couple of times, because I learned so much that I started to forget a few things. If you have a strong desire to improved your home life. I would definitely recommend this book.  Anything you need help with this book has the answers in elaborate details that will sure to help you defeat what you are battling with in your home.


This book has helped my marriage.  We have all heard the saying “prayer changes people and things” well it absolute does.  Before I started reading this book I thought for sure it would be about helping God mode my husband into the man  I wanted him to be, by praying specific prayers over him.  Little did I know that this book was really about learning to trust God with my marriage.   There is a prayer at the end of each chapter for the wives to pray over their husbands, but the main focus is learning not to pray for what we want to see change in our husband, but rather ask God to make our husbands into the man he created him to be.

I really enjoyed reading this book, in fact, I have read it a number of times.  I use this as a reference book in my home.  Any questions you may have about sex is answered in this book from both a practical and biblical stand point, which I found to be refreshing. This book is full of useful information from ways to improve your marriage, a better understand of the male and female anatomy, and lots of questions answered.


As a child growing up I battled with low self- esteem, I never felt pretty enough or skinny enough. My husband bought me this book when I was in college and it has changed my life ever since. After reading only the first chapter my perspective of myself begin to change. I started to see how important I am to God and  I no longer needed to fit in with the world’s standards. If you are battling with  low self- esteem, I would definitely recommend this book.  After reading this book you will know, and love the way God created you.


I believe this book could benefit every Christian marriage.  This book explains the way marriage was created to operate from God’s stand point.  The men are given in dept details of what it means to be the head of the household.  The women are given the facts about submission in a loving way.  If you have a desire to have your house operate the way God intended for it to be, then this book will help you get your house in order.



I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyers.  She preaches with such elegance and truth.  This book helped me to understand that whatever I am struggling with  if I can see myself defeating it in my mind then I will overcome it.  She explains that  the only power the enemy has over us is the power we give him.  This book offers some techniques to protecting your mind from thoughts of defeat and discouragement.


This book was given to me as a Christmas gift and I can honestly say this was one of the best gifts I have ever received.  I was at a point where I was wondering what God was doing in my life.  This book helped to understand that God has everything under control and to just trust him. I learned how important is it for me to forgive others, to dream bigger, and trust God.  I was also blessed by the testimonies of others  in this book of how God has blessed their life.


Whenever I want to do something I wouldn’t normally do, I grab a tip from this book.  This book has 101 ways to show your husband how much you love him.    Here is a tip taken directly from the book, ” The next time he’s watching a game on television, ask him if he has any plans for halftime.  If not, tell him you’ve made plans for him to score.”



If you need help with showing your wife how much you love her, I would recommend this book. My husband has periodically taken tips from this book and I have enjoyed each one. Here is a tip taken directly from the book, ” Circle a day on the calendar and take your wife on a mystery date.  As the day gets closer leaver her clues: What to wear, when to be ready, etc. Keep it a surprise.”


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