Smarter Cupid, How To Romance Without Emptying Your Pocket!

February 6, 2012

The month of love is here and most people are just now beginning to plan for Valentine’s Day.  In general, men feel pressured to spend a lot of money on this day.  Valentine’s Day can an expensive day, if we allow it to be.  Is there any way to love our husbands or meet your wives needs without breaking the bank, so to speak? Yes, however you have to start planning for Valentine’s Day before now!

I have found that preparation saves time and money.  For example, whenever I am taking my children out I always pack a bag with a change of clothes and snacks.  Just in case one of my kids have an accident or if they get hungry. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not need to use the items in my bag.  If one of my children have an accident on themselves my bag saves me time, I do not have to go home and get clothes for them.   I can take them to the bathroom clean them up and continue having fun.  Or, if one my children are hungry, I do not have to spend money on food.  I give them a snack to hold them over until we get home, this saves our family money.

I believe the same is true about Valentine’s Day.  If we prepare for it then it will not be an expensive day for us.  When Jonathan and I were in High School he gave me a bag with 7 wrapped presents inside, a week before Valentine’s Day.  Each evening he would call and tell me to open a gift.  The gifts were not expensive, but they were meaningful to me.  Jonathan saved time and money by preparing a head of time and romanced me at the same time.  He romanced me by giving me one inexpensive gift a day, meanwhile, he also saved gas and time by giving it to me all in one day.  I believe Valentine’s Day can be enjoyable for all, if you plan for it before hand.  Here are a few tips that may help you for this upcoming Valentine’s Day or for next year:


1. Buy lingerie that is on sale.  Or, buy your Valentine’s lingerie a year in advance, a week or so after this holiday season. Once the items are out of season, the price is cut in half.  Tuck it away until the following year!

2. Pull out an old piece of Lingerie that you haven’t worn in awhile.  Buy some scented clothing detergent and wash your lingerie in that, Victoria Secret has detergent specially for women’s undergarments that smells amazing!


1.  Begin planning a year in advance.  Put 5 dollars away each week, by Valentine’s Day you will have 240 dollars.  Do you need to spend it all?  No, but at least you are not limited on where you can take her to eat.

2. Use a coupon for the restaurant you are planning to attend.  She doesn’t have to see it or even know that you are using it.


1. Buy one single rose or carnation.   Attach a note to it that says “from your secret admire.” You can hand it to her before you head out on your date, leave it in a place she will find it, or have it waiting for her at the restaurant . This will give her the opportunity to carry it with her on the date, and it is less expensive than a dozen roses.

2.  Buy fake flowers and  jazz it up with ribbons, a vase, cologne, stuff animal or note.  Fake flowers a wonderful because they allow her to think about you all year long and they will not die!


1. Make your own candy basket.  Buy a small teddy bear, a family sized bag of chocolate or whatever kind of candy she enjoys the most and place it in a gift bag .  Open up the bag of candy and sprinkle it all over the bear!


2. Make your own chocolate covered strawberries with her! The night before Valentine’s Day, buy a huge bar of chocolate and melt it, take a fruit of your choice and dip it in the chocolate.  Set it in the refrigerator until tomorrow.  Tell her this is her dessert for tomorrow.

Challenge: Do you remember when your lack of money forced you to be creative?  Get creative again ! Make this Valentine’s Day as memorable as possible.

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