Women, The Tone Setters Of The House!

March 22, 2012

Women are the tone setters for the atmosphere of their  house.  If a women is unhappy than the whole house will be unhappy.  In  Proverbs 25:24 we read that it is:

“Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.” 

A women that is unhappy makes those who come in contact with her unhappy, at least for a short while.  I went to a training session through my church this past Saturday.  The session was to inform the leaders of the church on the proper way of dealing with other members in the church.  Each leader that attended the session would receive a certificate of completion for attending the class.  The session started at 10:00 with food and fellowship.  Jonathan and I did not get there until a little after 10:30, in other words we were late.

When the training session was over, the people who attended were able to ask questions.  Our presiding clergy wanted everyone who had a question to use a microphone to ensure that everyone heard their question.  For the most part everyone was compliant, except one lady.  She raised her hand and when the elder acknowledged her, she began to state her question.  He immediately interrupted her and told her to use the microphone. She insisted that she was loud enough and begin to finish her question.

He repeated himself,” please use the microphone,” she insisted that she did not need it.  This back in forth conversation occurred while the helper was taking her the microphone.  When the helper brought her the microphone she still insisted that she did not need it, the helper wanting to be obedient to our presiding clergy, insisted that she use the microphone.  The lady and the helper went back and forth about three times until she complied and spoke into the microphone.

What question was so important that it caused so much ruckus?   She wanted to know if the people who came in late would still receive the certificate of completion for having attended the session.  The clergy  insured her that she does not need to worry, if she came in late she can still receive the certificate.  She immediately said,” Oh I’m not talking about me I was here on time, I’m talking about other people.”  The clergy repeated himself and said as long as you are here you can receive the certificate.  She got annoyed and made a smart remark, ” so I could have came 10 minutes to 12:00  and still received the certificate.”  She was not happy that other people would still be given the same chance as her even though they  were not on time.

Everyone was amazed at how difficult this women was to work with.  She argued with the presiding clergy, she argued with the helper, and all so she could ask a question not pertaining to herself alone.  This woman was clearly unhappy and because she was unhappy her attitude affected the atmosphere  for a short while.  This is the type of women the bible speaks about in terms of being quarrelsome, difficult to get along with for no reason at all.

Challenge:  Does your family appear to be miserable?  If you are the woman of the house, I would suggest that you examine your own attitude and action.  Realize that happiness is a choice, if you decide  to be happy, then your family will respond.  If you are the man of the house you must understand that the key to a happy home is a happy wife.  In a previous post I offered some advice for keeping your wife happy.

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